Customer newsletter edition 03|2012

New access to the Eurocontrol route catalogue and the test system of IFPS in the AlS portal
Based on user inputs DFS has integrated access to the Eurocontrol route catalogue and the test system of IFPS in the AlS portal. Thus, two new functions especially for our IFR customers are available now.
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DFS puts new control tower in Berlin into operation
The new DFS control tower in Berlin was put into operation in the night between the 24 and 25 March. For the time being, only the Schönefeld controllers coordinate and handle air traffic on and around the airport from this vantage point. When the airport opens on 3 June 2012, the Tegel tower controllers will also start working in the new tower cab.
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Changes within the area of responsibility of BREMEN ACC
With effect from AIRAC 05APR12, revised request procedures for repeated practice approaches will apply to a number of aerodromes within Bremen FIR. The following text will be incorporated in section 20 "Local Flying Restrictions" of AIP Germany, Part AD2.

Repeated IFR practice approaches require prior coordination with Bremen ACC (Tel.: +49 421 5372 14). As a rule, this coordination shall take place on the day in question, from 0500 (0400), not later than 2 hours but not earlier than 4 hours prior to commencing these practice approaches. The relevant programme shall be indicated. Licence examination flights may be coordinated outside the above-mentioned times as well.
This coordination does not release the pilot from the obligation to observe any noise abatement regulations that may be applicable at Lübeck-Blankensee Airport.
Note: Depending on the traffic situation, the training programme may be rejected in part or in total even if it has been coordinated earlier.