Customer newsletter edition 02|2012

Establishment of a TMZ Luxembourg over German territory
Taking effect with AIRAC date 08 March 2012, a Transponder Mandatory Zone (TMZ) will be established over German territory.
DFS representatives and those responsible for this field within the Luxembourg air navigation service provider ANA have defined this TMZ in consultation with airspace users. The purpose of this measure is to increase air safety. Map

Changes within the area of responsibility of BREMEN ACC
There will be editorial changes for Lübeck-Blankensee airport (EDHL) concerning instrument approach and departure procedures. These changes relate to the following: completed extension of the runway, adjustment of obstacle clearance altitude/height and replacement of existing middle marker (MM).

Changes within the area of responsibility of Munich ACC/UAC
With effect from AIRAC date 8 March 2012, the night route system will be expanded by the routes shown below for flights in north-westerly direction:

In addition, UQ856 south of the existing (U)L856 will be implemented. UQ856 cannot be used for flights with destination LS**, LFSB and LFST:

Paperless Strip System PSS

After the successful implementation of PSS in the southern and northern control sectors of the DFS Control Centre Munich, this system will also be introduced in the eastern control sector extending from Erlangen to Leipzig in the night between 3 and 4 March 2012.

At the beginning of this advanced implementation phase, sector capacities in the eastern sectors of Munich FIR will be adjusted to ensure safe handling of air traffic. This is why delays due to air traffic flow management (ATFCM) measures cannot be completely ruled out. Afterwards, sector capacities will gradually be raised again.