Customer newsletter edition 01|2012

Changes within the area of responsibility of Munich ACC/UAC
The IFR procedures for Leipzig Airport (EDDP) have been revised. For arrivals, changes were made to MSA and OCA, and waypoint DP438 was added. For departures, an obstacle warning was included for RWY 08L.

Changes within the area of responsibility of BREMEN ACC
With effect from AIRAC 09FEB12, it is planned to make the GLS approach procedure available to all airspace users at Bremen Airport. The restriction to specific users will be removed. Please find further information in AIC IFR 03/2012 (published 9 FEB 2012).

Rhein Radar P1/VAFORIT information
Capacity gains wih new ATS system in Karlsruhe
In December 2010, DFS introduced its new air traffic services (ATS) system P1/VAFORIT in Karlsruhe (UAC). The new system has made it possible for the capacity to increase by 11 percent. DFS expects further increases in capacity by five to seven percent annually.