DFS mentors help young refugees master everyday life in Germany

27.09.2017.- The second round of the DFS mentoring programme is starting. Over the next three months, pupils entitled to asylum attending the Käthe-Kollwitz school in Offenbach, near Frankfurt, will be supported by 15 staff members from DFS.

The two groups met each other for the first time at a kick-off event at the school.

DFS and the school in Offenbach started working together at the beginning of last year when 19 mentors from DFS supported foreign pupils who were attending special integration classes at the school. The pupils were working towards their Hauptschulabschluss, the lower secondary school leaving certificate in Germany.

Things worked out so well that both parties decided to continue their partnership. "We would like to thank DFS for making the continuation of the programme possible," said Marlies Stülb, principal of the school, at the kick-off event in Offenbach. "The young people that you will be supporting have already made it to Germany in a physical sense but it will take some time before they really feel at home."

The 15 mentors from DFS will help the pupils learn about working and everyday life in Germany and explore possible future careers with them. They will also help with applications, apprenticeships and general red tape. "Integration is a long-term endeavour, particularly as regards education, training and work," said Martina Zorbach, responsible for this issue at DFS. This is why DFS has made a long-term commitment to this issue.

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