Runway 18 West closed due to construction work

Departure situation changed because of different runway use

22.05.2017.- In the time period from 22 May until 26 May 2017, Fraport is repairing Runway 18 West at Frankfurt Airport. This will result in a changed overflight situation as departures will use different runways.

From 22 May until 24 May, Fraport plans to use the runway only for so-called intersection take-offs to the south. During this period, twinjet aircraft will be able to use the shortened runway with only a few exceptions.

On 25 and 26 May, the runway will be completely closed, opening again on 27 May from 5.00 hrs. The closure will lead to a change in the departure situation. Aircraft that normally take off from Runway 18 West will instead use the parallel runway system. This will result in a change in overflights in parts of the Rhine-Main area. Particularly towns to the south of the airport will notice this change. When easterly winds prevail, Langen, Dreieich, Heusenstamm and Dietzenbach will be affected. All these towns are located in the area of two regular departure routes which lead off the parallel runway system to the south. These departure routes are rarely used when Runway 18 West is in operation.

When westerly winds prevail, departures to the south from the parallel runway system will be routed to the west. After this, they will follow the departure routes to the south and southeast, meaning areas to the east of Raunheim and Rüsselsheim will experience more departures.

Noise respite periods can be temporarily suspended during the repair work. This measure was agreed in advance between Fraport and the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development (HMWEVL).

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