Quick agreement in collective bargaining

Two percent increase in salaries for 14 months

30.01.2013.- Yesterday, DFS and the air navigation services union (GdF) agreed on a new collective agreement in the second session of negotiations. For the time from January to December 2013, salaries will rise by two percent across the board. For November and December 2012, a one-time payment amounting to EUR 350 will be made. The collective agreement relating to remuneration has been concluded for 14 months, from 1 November 2012 to 31 December 2013. The new agreement became necessary after the union GdF had terminated the previous agreement with effect of 31 October 2012.

The parties to the collective agreement have also agreed to put an end to their legal disputes in connection with the strike of apron controllers at Frankfurt Airport in February 2012 as well as with GdF's threat to call a strike at DFS in summer 2011.

Prof Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, the CEO of DFS, said: "This quick and moderate agreement takes account of the economic challenges facing DFS. Ending the legal disputes is a significant contribution towards restoring industrial peace and enhancing mutual trust between the parties to the collective agreement."

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, the German air navigation service provider, is a State-owned company under private law and has 6,000 employees. DFS ensures the safe and punctual flow of air traffic over Germany. Staff coordinate up to 10,000 aircraft movements in German airspace every day, and about three million movements every year. This makes Germany the country with the highest traffic volume in Europe. DFS operates control centres in Langen, Bremen, Karlsruhe and Munich. In addition, DFS is represented in the Eurocontrol Centre in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and in the control towers of the 16 international German airports. DFS provides training and consultancy services around the world and develops and sells air traffic management systems. The company's portfolio also comprises flight-relevant data, aeronautical publications and aeronautical information services. DFS has the following business units: Control Centre, Tower, Aeronautical Solutions and Aeronautical Information Management.