Area control centre (ACC)
Four area control centres (ACC) ensure the expeditious, cost-effective and safe flow of traffic in German airspace. This airspace is divided into different sectors and each area control centre (ACC) is in charge of controlling air traffic in certain sectors. The procedures for transferring aircraft from one sector to another are laid down at international and bilateral level.

Air traffic management (ATM)
Air traffic management (ATM) is the core business of DFS. Its purpose is to organise air traffic in the assigned airspace in a safe, expeditious and cost-effective manner.

In air traffic control terms, airspace can be thought of as a three-dimensional space criss-crossed by various airways. Airspace is divided into numerous categories, depending on the type and extent of control services provided.

Approach and departure procedures
Approach and departure procedures are defined for airports and for aerodromes equipped for IFR traffic. When defining these procedures, the focus is placed on maximising safety and minimising noise disturbance.

Apron control
Apron control, or apron management service, regulates traffic on the apron of an aerodrome and assigns aircraft stands to aircraft.