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  • Militärische Übung "Cold Igloo" in Norddeutschland

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Militärische Übung "Cold Igloo" in Norddeutschland

In September and October, the military exercise „Cold Igloo“ will take place. The exercise consists of two options. Depending on the weather forecast, only one of the options will be flown.
North option: From ED-R203 via a corridor (restricted airspace created especially for the exercise) into ED-Rs 202, 201 and 302.
South option: From ED-R205/305 into an exercise restricted area (created especially for the exercise) east of the German/French border (roughly between Karlsruhe-Baden and Lahr airports), then via a corridor into ED-R207.
The option preferred by the military is the north option.
Cold Igloo will be flown from ETSB airbase during the following times (UTC):
15.09. 0700-0900
16.09. 0700-1000
17.09. 1200-1500
13.10. 0800-1000
14.10. 1200-1500
16.10. 0700-1000 and weather back-up 1100-1400
20.10. 0700-1000
21.10. 1130-1430
22.10. 0700-1000 weather back-up
Due to the establishment of several restricted areas for the exercise, the closure of ATS-routes and CDR1s is necessary and has been published by NOTAM. As soon as the decision for either the north or the south option is taken (ca. at 1300 LCL on D-1), the AMC Germany will cancel the route closures which are not needed.
Details in concerning the restricted areas in NOTAM A5119/15 and A5121/15 and in AIP SUP IFR 14/15.

The AIP SUP will be published on short notice.

Please check actual NOTAM via: NOTAM - Office

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